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The Simple Road: A Handbook for the Contemporary Seeker

The Simple Road: A Handbook for the Contemporary Seeker  by Obadiah Harris Tarcher (September 1, 2015).  Preorder Available Now on This elegant, … learn more


An Original Relation to the Universe

Our university has a bicameral nature, having two bodies or chambers: wisdom and tradition. We tend to think of “The Wisdom Tradition” as one, as if … learn more

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The Art of Buddhism Lecture Series

The Art of Buddhism With Debashish Banerji Ph.D.  This course will trace Buddhism through its visual culture from its beginnings in India in the 3rd. c. … learn more


Inner Life of the Holidays: Symbols and Rituals of Renewal

  Inner Life of the Holidays - Symbols and Rituals of Renewal  Saturday, September 12th, 2015 A six-hour seminar with Jonathan Young and Anne … learn more