UPR Administrative & Governing Structure

Administration at UPR is based upon the fulfillment of the higher universal values that harmonize our aspirations with our thoughts and actions.


Plato taught that if we organize our lives around one of the higher values such as truth, beauty, freedom, love, peace, etc. then all the other values come to us because the higher values are all in communion.


Students and Applicants may contact the Registrar by e-mail at

Office Hours

Monday – Friday
10am to 4pm (Pacific Time)

Phone:  800-548-4062  or  323-663-2167

Board of Directors

  • Greg Salyer, Ph.D.
  • William Garlington, Ph.D.
  • Walter Hansell, Esq.
  • James Callahan, M.A.
  • Don De Francisco, M.D.
  • John S. Pillsbury, President, Ed and H Pillsbury Foundation

Advisory Committee/Team of Experts

  • Virginia Warner, Founder and President, Warner Foundation
  • Roger Himovitz, President, Coastal Construction Company
  • Mitch Horowitz, Editor, Publisher, Writer, Speaker, Tarcher – Penguin
  • Robert Thurman, President, Tibet House, Ph.D. Indian Studies, Harvard University
  • Gregory Willis , Retired CFO, Toyota Motor Credit Corporation

Administration and Staff

  • Greg Salyer, Ph.D., President & CEO (
  • Sharon Wright, M.A., Dean & Chief Academic Officer (
  • Aster Tsegay, B.A., Director of Operations (
  • Roger Rodriguez, Philosophical Research Society Coordinator (
  • John Chase, B.A., Director of Information Technology (
  • Sharon Lineker, B.A., Director of Marketing and Media (
  • Frank Sabia, M.A., Academic and Student Services Coordinator (
  • Matthew Taylor, B.A., Registrar/Curriculum and Instruction Coordinator (
  • Cathy Willis, M.L.S., Librarian (
  • Kelly Carmena, B.A., Assistant Librarian, Executive Assistant (

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