From the President’s Office

From the President’s Office

Dear Students,

You are to be commended for making this step towards the increasing light of the New Millennium. This step alone is significant and reveals an inner direction to which you are responding. It is a dynamic and evolutionary moment in your life.

Imagine the difference this will make when you get involved in the program of your choice and get acquainted with the entire faculty, who are all highly academic and deeply spiritual, and begin to add their knowledge to yours, especially as you learn to ensoul this knowledge and let it become wisdom.

This is what UPR is about—the ensoulment of essential knowledge and its transformation into wisdom. UPR is an educational breakthrough, an integral education honoring the wisdom traditions and the latest findings in science and psychology. Each subject is designed with this definite goal in mind—an integrative process leading to wisdom.

We welcome you to the new and original student-body whose classroom is the world-without-walls. I hope you decide to take as many classes as you can, but however light or heavy the load you choose to carry, you will be given the energy accordingly.  For each class you take will be its own reward, and each teacher will also serve as your personal mentor. The joy of learning will inspire you to pursue your educational endeavors to the fullest.

This is the future of education and you will be on the cutting edge as a harbinger of the emerging world culture, and as a planetary citizen more fully human and more consciously divine.


Obadiah S. Harris, Ph.D.

President, UPR