University Ethics

University Ethics



UPR looks to include wisdom from its every source and to make it accessible to all who value it.


UPR is not partisan nor does it endorse any particular tradition or personality.


UPR considers the quiet urging of each heart and the contemplations of each mind to be the proper personal guide in the process of self-discovery. Each person is urged to freely compare and reference the natural knowing of their own heart and mind with the finest expressions of humanity’s deepest insights.

We expect that this educational process will create an internal resonance with those insights which will best lead each person on his or her unique path of learning and discovery.

A Community of Discovery

UPR aims to foster an educational community characterized by stimulating and good spirited interaction. UPR stresses tolerance of other points of view and hopes to impart a general love and respect for the wisdom traditions that have emerged from diverse cultures. UPR believes that this ‘love of wisdom’ should be extended to the growing body of scientific knowledge that students need to pursue and integrate into the ever-evolving understanding of the nature of reality.