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Stories That Tell Us Who We Are

Some stories do not just entertain. They are tales that make us say, “This is how the universe really works,” or “This is who I really am, ideally” — and they become parts of us that will not let us go. These stories are myths, in the highest and best sense of the word. This course will look at myths from around the world, and from ancient Greece and Japan up to modern tales like The Lord of the Rings and Star Wars. It will reflect on how vibrant myth can empower one’s life and also examine the dangers of “mythic thinking.” Join us as we explore some of the most engaging and dynamic narratives ever known to humankind.

Jung on Religion & The Red Book

Wisdom of The Kabbalah

Reawakening The American Soul

In this video, Professor Richard Geldard shows us that indeed the “examined life” is not only possible for us but also absolutely necessary.

“Reawakening the American Soul” is led by three prominent writers and scholars with this vision. Their collective works represent a major contribution to defining and reassessing what one of them has called the “American Soul.” They are Professors Richard Geldard, Jacob Needleman and Robert Thurman.

Called the “cradle of liberty,” historic Faneuil Hall was the gathering place in the mid-1700s for the Sons of Liberty as they met to protest the arbitrary taxation policies of Great Britain. From these and subsequent meetings, protests were planned, including the Boston Tea Party, leading the way towards the ultimate liberation from British rule. Now, in our own time of crisis, with destructive forces taxing us once again, the bicentennial celebration of Emerson’s birth calls for a new birth of freedom. It was Emerson’s re-visioning of the founding principles of America, as voiced eloquently in his essays, lectures and poems, that sounded a clear, resonant and unifying note, tuning the disparate instruments and voices in his own time. This note has been heard by all the great American writers and poets down to the present.

Richard Geldard received his education at Bowdoin College, Middlebury College and his doctorate from Stanford University. He currently teaches at the Pacifica Graduate Institute in California and was Adjunct Professor of Philosophy at Yeshiva University in New York. He is author of numerous books, includingThe Spiritual Teachings of Ralph Waldo EmersonGod in ConcordRemembering Heraclitus; and theTravelers’ Key to Ancient Greece. Long a student of the philosophy of Emerson, Dr. Geldard has made the challenging and inspirational work of the Seer of Concord accessible once again to a new generation of readers. His vision of Emerson allows us to take part in the spiritual quest for self-recovery in a time when immensesocial and intellectual forces are arrayed against us. Geldard has shown us that indeed the examined life as described by Socrates and Plato is not only possible for us but also absolutely necessary.

Quantum Creativity With Professor Goswami


Just as quantum mechanics has been a powerful theory unifying our understanding of physics, it can also serve as a unifying theory in the field of creativity. Dr. Amit Goswami maintains that the discontinuities observed in quantum physics allow for the creative leaps that are at the heart of all fundamental innovations. He describes the “quantum self” as that aspect of our being that is capable of direct sensitivity to the creativity of the universe.

This video segment is an excerpt from the two-part, 60-minute DVD, available at the following website: