UPR Professor Dr. Debashish Banerji Publishes Article in Integral Review

University of Philosophical Research Integral Review ArticleDr. Debashish Banerji has published an article in the Integral Review entitled: Structure and Process:  Integral Philosophy and Triple Transformation.
This article looks at the ongoing debate between perennialism and pluralism in  religious studies and considers the category of the integral, as described by Sri Aurobindo (1872-1950) in the context of this debate. After exploring the case for perennialism vis-à-vis pluralism, it compares the contemporary  taxonomy of a perennial core to mystical experience developed by Robert K. C. Forman with the idea of the “triple transformation” developed by Sri Aurobindo as a way to the realization of an “integral consciousness.”
Through this consideration, it indicates the aporetic nature of an integralism which can simultaneously uphold the concerns of perennialism and pluralism non-reductively. Such an aporetic goal challenges the epistemological assumptions of the modern knowledge  academy and is shown to make sense only as an ever deferred processual ontology as against the knowledge academy’s telos of a totalistic structuralism.

New Course Available: Emerson & American Idealism

PHI 522 – will explore the work and thought of American philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson through the development of what came to be known as Transcendentalism.  We will study how this philosophy developed from the Perennial Philosophy through European Idealism to become a unique expression of a vital philosophical vision.

Session   1 |  Beginnings: Emerson and American Idealism
Session   2 |  Primary Sources: Influences and Inspiration
Session   3 |  The Birth of New England Transcendentalism
Session   4 |  The Eight Principles
Session   5 |  The Over-Soul and Universal Mind
Session   6 |  Spiritual Laws and Experience
Session   7 |  Compensation and Fate
Session   8 |  Idealism and the New Physics
Session   9 |  The Authentic Life
Session 10 |  The Examined Life

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