An Invitation to Support

It is those who share our vision and its imperative for the future, whose support we most need today.  At a time of cultural and civilizational transition, when at the zenith of its technological prowess and the height of its global interdependence, humankind finds itself beset with cultural, ecological, and financial crises; and on a unprecedented scale.  It is dawning upon our leading thinkers that no amount of social or political engineering will solve these problems.  A transformation of the human psyche is our best hope for the future of the human species.


Tax Exemption

We are a public benefit, 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, which means your generous contribution is tax exempt.

Donating Books or In-Kind Gifts

If you have old, rare, new texts, or would like to make a meaningful donation to the Society and Library, please contact the Librarian at: 323-663-2167 or

Ways You Can Support The University:

The UPR Corpus Fund

is the UPR reserve which allows it to initiate new activities and constructions. Corpus funds have made UPR what it is today and are absolutely necessary if it is to continue to grow and progress in the mission of higher education towards an evolving knowledge of self and world transformation.

The UPR Annual Expenses Fund
is what the institute relies on for its operating expenses and continued excellence in acedemic services from year to year.

The Curriculum and Research Development Fund

has been set up for continuing development of new courses and programs and to promote research in specific areas and topics of consciousness and transformation. Some of the present areas of research encouraged by UPR are outlined on previous pages of this brochure.

The Scholarship Fund
forms the heart of UPR’s efforts to make a difference in the world by providing the highest quality of education on personal and social understanding and transformation to the largest number of deserving students.

The Publishing Fund
enables UPR to disseminate the sustained reflections and research of its faculty and students in printed and electronic form, in the best traditions of academic houses of scholarship.

The Events Fund
is meant for the development of in-house programs for enriching the scholarly and cultural life of the UPR academic community.

The Library Fund
ensures the maintenance of UPR’s considerable library of rare and prized metaphysical books and allows its ongoing expansion and extension in the light of new publication and university needs.

Planned Giving
We welcome your inquiries about making a planned gift to the institute. Gifts, which could include bequests, charitable trusts and appreciated securities can provide donors with a variety of tax advantages and memorialize them in UPR’s historical archives.


Giving Societies At UPR

LIFETIME: Cummulative Donors of $50,000 or more

FOUNDER’S CIRCLE: $20,000 or more

BENEFACTORS: $10,000-$19,000

PATRONS: $5,000-$9,999

ASSOCIATES: $500-$999


ADVOCATES: $100-$429

FRIENDS: $25-$99