Graduate Academics



The research library at the University of Philosophical Research

Our Online Degree Programs are:

  • Shaped by seminal thinkers like Pythagoras, Socrates, Plato, Lao Tzu, Manly P. Hall and Sri Aurobindo
  • Presented using curricula optimized for distance learning
  • Provided by a world-class faculty of gifted teachers
  • Designed to incorporate the vast cultural, spiritual and scientific heritage of humanity with a view towards synthesis and integration

UPR students accumulate, study and reflect on emergent wisdom from cultures all over the world, ancient and contemporary. Drawing on the disciplines of philosophy, psychology, religion, mysticism, mythology and the new discoveries and cosmologies of science, these programs provide the knowledge and tools leading towards universality and transformation of self and world.

As opposed to teaching students how to “make a living”, the University of Philosophical Research aims to develop students who can “make a life” and “make a world” by acquiring the inner tools necessary to consciously shape the future.

Graduate Degree Programs:

Program Format and Delivery:

The University of Philosophical Research provides a distance learning program. All 17 courses in each of the programs are 3 credits each, with the addition of a 3-credit Thesis/Student Comprehensive project, bringing the program to a total of 54 credits.

Each course comprises of listening to 10 one-hour (pre-recorded) lectures on video and
audio, reading of at least two to three required and some recommended textbooks, live telephone conferences with each professor as well as an online Forum for the students to communicate with one another and the professors. The distance delivered program course assignments comprise objective and subjective methods of assessment and may include objective quizzes, midterm examinations as well as one or more papers and/or projects.

The Course Guide distributed with each course includes the academic calendar and the syllabus for courses offered during a specific semester.

Recommendations for student’s success are included in the Study Guide, which details format requirements for assignments and instructions for using the online e-campus. Topical or assessment papers grades are returned within a 14-day time frame.

The student receives all information concerning the refund process and rights for cancellation prior to the initiation of any coursework, with the enrollment agreement.

Documentation is retained on site for:  All dates of interaction with the student; assignments of faculty; faculty interaction and correspondence; academic progress and course/program completion.

Technology Requirements:

UPR’s degree programs are designed for online delivery and interaction. Hence, at a minimum, students and faculty members need to have regular access to reading, writing, uploading and downloading capabilities on computers or other devices which connect to the world wide web. By regular access is meant at least 3-4 hours per week. UPR courses all contain audio and video lectures which can be seen and heard both online and on offline audio and video players. Hence, for students wishing to take full advantage of the non-local reach of the courses, audio and video players, stationary and/or portable, are recommended. UPR courses also contain a mandatory teleconference component, hence, students must have access to telephone lines. Moreover, some of the courses use web-based teleconferencing and videoconferencing systems, hence access to Skype and a webcam are strongly advised.