Graduate Faculty

Faculty at the University of Philosophical research come from all over the world with a wealth of expertise. Many are leaders in their fields, authors of international acclaim, diverse practitioners, and student-centered scholars. They are the linchpin of the strong community experience at UPR, with a commitment to higher education that invites powerful discourse in and out of the classroom.

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Justin Ayres, Ph.D.

Ph.D.  Depth Psychology, Pacifica Graduate Institute; M.A. Counseling Psychology, Pacifica Graduate Institute; B.A. Philosophy, Colorado College


David E. Bresler, Ph.D.

Ph.D. Psychology, University of California, Los Angeles; MA Psychology, Bryn Mawr

  • Associate Clinical Professor, Anesthesiology, UCLA School of Medicine
  • Dean, University of Integral Studies
  • Executive Director, The Bresler Center, Los Angeles, California
  • President, Academy for Guided Imagery, Malibu, California
  • Former White House advisor
Kelly Bulkeley, Ph.D. 

Ph.D. Religion and Psychological Studies, University of Chicago Divinity School; MTS Theology, Harvard Divinity School

  • Visiting Scholar at the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, California
  • Director of the Dream Studies Program, JFK University
  • Author of several books on dreams, religion and psychology, including: “The Wilderness of Dreams, An Introduction to the Psychology of Dreaming,” “Visions of the Night” and “Dreams of Healing.”
  • Former President of the Association for the Study of Dreams
  • Secretary-Treasurer of the Person, Culture and Religion Group, American Academy of Religion
  • Editorial board member, “Dreaming,” “Religious Studies Review” and “Sleep and Hypnosis”
Joseph Conti, Ph.D. 

Ph.D. Religion and Ethics, University of Southern California

  • In addition to his teaching at the University of Philosophical Research, Conti is an instructor in Department of Comparative Religion at California State University at Fullerton. Dr. Conti’s research focus is the psychology of contemplative spirituality.
Lionel Corbett, M.D.

MD, University of Manchester, England; Diplomate in Psychological Medicine; Diplomate Jungian Analyst, C.G. Jung Institute of Chicago

  • A British-trained psychiatrist and Jungian analyst, Dr. Corbett is particularly interested in the synthesis of psychoanalytic and Jungian ideas. His primary dedication has been to the religious function of the psyche, especially in the way in which personal religious experience is relevant to individual psychology, and to the development of psychotherapy as a spiritual practice.
  • Author of “The Religious Function of the Psyche”
  • Author of “Psyche and the Sacred: Spirituality Beyond Religion”
Michele Daniel, Ph.D. 

Ph.D. Social & Philosophical Foundation of Education, Arizona State University

  • Jungian analyst with a private practice
  • Faculty member of the Analyst-Training Program at the C.G. Jung Institute of Los Angeles
  • Dr. Daniel is particularly interested in the trajectory of Jung’s thinking that began with Gnosticism, led to Eastern religion and finally, to Western Alchemy as a means for understanding the psyche and its processes. She is committed to Jung’s idea that the practice of depth psychology is synonymous with the personal development of a spiritual (yoga) discipline in which psychic energy is withdrawn from the world of objects and introverted for the purpose of psychological and spiritual transformation.
Christian de Quincey, Ph.D.

Ph.D. Philosophy & Religion, Institute of Integral Studies; MA Interdisciplinary Consciousness Studies, JFK University.

  • Professor of Philosophy and Consciousness Studies, John F. Kennedy University
  • Adjunct Faculty, The Union Institute and University
  • Author of “Radical Nature: Rediscovering the Soul of Matter,” and “Radical Knowing: Understanding Consciousness Through Relationship”
  • Appointed the Arthur M. Young Professor of Philosophy at the University of Philosophical Research
Robert Ellwood, Ph.D.

Ph.D., University of Chicago Divinity School;  MDiv, Yale Divinity School


Ron Feldman, Ph.D.

Ph.D., Jewish Studies, Graduate Theological Union


Robert Frager, Ph.D.

Research Fellow, Keio University, Tokyo; Ph.D. Social Psychology, Harvard University

  • Professor of Psychology and Chair, Spiritual Guidance Program, Institute of Transpersonal Psychology
  • Author of “Personality and Personal Growth” (with James Fadiman), “Who Am I? Personality Types for Self-Discovery,” “Heart, Self, and Soul” and other works on psychology, Sufism and Islam
Richard Geldard, Ph.D.

PhD, Dramatic Literature and Classics, Stanford University

  • Adjunct Professor of Philosophy, Yeshiva University
  • Doctoral Faculty, Pacifica Graduate Institute
  • Author of ten books on Early Greek philosophy and the thought of Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • [www.rgbooks.com]
Janice Gerard, Ph.D.  

Ph.D. Psychology, California School of Professional Psychology

Licensed Clinical Psychologist and trainer in private practice in West Los Angeles, CA and is the Past-President of The Gestalt Therapy Institute of Los Angeles (1998-2000). From 1979 until 2009 she was the Vice-President of The International Foundation for Integral Psychology, founded by her late husband Dr. Robert Gerard. This organization’s purpose was to further the theory and practice of Transpersonal Psychology. For many years she has led workshops and training groups and has presented in many international conferences in Relational Gestalt Therapy, Gestalt Dreamwork and Transpersonal Psychology. Her most recent presentations were held in Australia and Japan. She has ongoing groups in Relational Gestalt and Dreamwork and is currently writing a book about her experiences with Gestalt dream groups.


Pierre Grimes, Ph.D.

Ph.D. Philosophy, University of Pacific; MA Comparative Philosophy, University of Pacific; BA Philosophy, San Francisco State College

  • Professor of Philosophy, Golden West College
  • President of the Noetic Society, Inc.
  • Director of the Open Mind Academy
  • Author of “Is It All Relative?” and “Philosophical Midwifery”
Obadiah S. Harris, Ph.D. — President Emeritus, UPR

Ph.D. Education Administration and Supervision, University of Michigan; MA Education, Arizona State University

  • Former Associate Professor of Education, and Director of Community Education, Arizona State University
  • Author of “The New Consciousness,” “Self-Knowledge and Social Action” and “Unitive Spirituality”
  • President Emeritus of the Philosophical Research Society
  • President Emeritus of the University of Philosophical Research
Marco Masi, Ph.D. 

Ph.D. Physics, University of Trento, Department of Physics, Italy.

  • Research Scientist, Institut des Nanotechnologies de Lyon
  • Former Educational Consultant, Municipality of Padua
  • Postdoctoral Research: Astrophysics – Galactic dynamics and astrobiology
  • Postdoctoral Research: Statistical mechanics – the beauty of mathematical physics
Raymond A. Moody, Jr, M.D., Ph.D.

M.D., Medical College of Georgia, Ph.D., Philosophy, University of Virginia, specializing in logic, philosophy of language, and Ancient Greek philosophy.

  • Author of Life After Life and other books about near-death experiences, alternate states of consciousness and paranormal phenomena. Dr. Moody was resident in psychiatry at University of Virginia Medical Center and has served as a professor of philosophy and psychology at various universities.
Yolanda Robinson, Ph.D.

Ph.D. Hispanic Languages and Literature, University of California, Los Angeles, California; M.A. Transformational Psychology, University of Philosophical Research

  • Graduate, Builders of the Adytum (B.O.T.A.), Los Angeles, California
  • Researcher and Lecturer on Alchemy, Cabala, Tarot, and I Ching
  • Former U.S. Diplomat. Dr. Robinson has served overseas as Public Affairs Officer, United States Department of State, as well as Cultural Attaché and Consul, United States Information Agency
  • Author of Alchemy and Tarot: A Workbook for Personal Transformation; Studies on Mystical Tarot: The Court Cards
Martin L. Rossman, MD

MD, University of Michigan; BA Pre-Med, University of Michigan

  • Clinical Associate, Department of Medicine, UC Medical Center, San Francisco
  • Adjunct Teaching Faculty, California School for Professional Psychology
  • Founder and Director of the Collaborative Medicine Center, Mill Valley, California
  • Co-director, Academy of Guided Imagery, Mill Valley, CA
  • Author, “Healing Yourself – A Step By Step Program for Better Health Through Imagery” and “Guided Imagery for Self-Healing”
Greg Salyer, Ph.D. — President, UPR

Ph.D. in Literary Theory, Contemporary Literature and Religious Studies from Emory University’s Graduate Institute of the Liberal Arts


James Santucci, Ph.D. 

Ph.D. Asian Civilizations, Australian National University, Canberra, Australia.

  • Chair & Professor of Comparative Religion at California State University, Fullerton.
  • Author of over 45 articles and five books, including: An Outline of Vedic Literature; La società teosofica; and An Educator’s Classroom Guide to America’s Religious Beliefs and Practices.
Jonathan Young, Ph.D.

Ph.D. Clinical Psychology, Alliant International University, San Diego

  • Storyteller and psychologist, Dr. Young assisted Joseph Campbell at seminars
  • Founding curator of the Joseph Campbell Archives and Library
  • Creator and former chair of Mythological Studies at the Pacifica Graduate Institute
  • Director of the Center for Story and Symbol in Santa Barbara, California