MCS/MTP 701 – Masters Thesis

The Masters Thesis in Consciousness Studies or Transformational Psychology is meant to be a reflection of the student’s ability to focus on a specific, circumscribed topic based on the UPR curriculum of their program of study, with creativity, critical thinking, and philosophical or psychological depth. Students are expected to work closely with their thesis advisors in formulating their particular topic and the methodology with which they will approach it. The thesis should be no less than 60 double-space pages or 12,500 words and no more than 120 double space pages or 25,000 words. Any exception must be approved by the President and the appropriate Dean.

To the extent that the Thesis presents particular viewpoints or positions on various issues, the student will be expected to support those contentions with facts and logic. To the extent that the Thesis favors one alternative among two or more, the student will be expected to provide a justification that weighs and balances various opposing arguments.

The Thesis is not meant to be a summary or regurgitation of highlights from the UPR courses. Nor is it meant to be an attempt at synthesizing all that the students have learned and digested in the areas of transformational psychology or consciousness studies. Nor is the thesis intended to be an opportunity for students to present their over-arching theories of human transformation or consciousness. Students may, in consultation with their Thesis advisors, choose to write about their own personal experiences. However, this is not a requirement.