Graduate Admissions

Graduate Admissions


Open EnrollmentLibrary

The University of Philosophical Research has an “open enrollment” policy: students may enter the program at the beginning of any calendar Term. Their schedule of courses will begin with the first Quarter they enter the program and continue from there.  Please refer to our online Class Schedule for exact dates.

Academic Catalog

Information required for admission to either of our graduate programs can be found in our Academic Catalog and on our website.  Please review our Admission Requirements and Application if you are interested in applying.

To request a printed Academic Catalog, you may:
Call:  1-800-548-4062

Acceptance and Enrollment

Prospective students must have provided an application fee of $75 at the time of application. Initial notifications of acceptance for the academic year will be mailed to applicants prior to the start of their first quarter of the degree program. Those who are unable to attend the academic year they have initially applied for must submit a new application should they wish to be considered for acceptance at a later date.

Application deadlines for all materials is three weeks prior to the start of Term (see Academic Calendar).

Transfer of Credits

The University of Philosophical Research does not allow for the transfer of credits to be applied to either of its Master of Arts programs. Units you earn in our Masters of Arts programs may or may not be transferable to any other college or university, such issues must be resolved by the college or university in question. This is the case with all institutions of higher education. In addition, if you earn a degree, diploma or certificate in our Masters of Arts programs, it also may or may not serve as a basis for obtaining a higher level degree at another college or university. UPR does not allow academic credit for standardized tests

Pursuing a Second Degree

Pursuit of a second degree within the University of Philosophical Research may not be permissible until such time as additional for-credit electives or acceptable transfer credits can be formulated within the program guidelines.