Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements


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Every applicant must:

    • Have an earned Bachelor degree with a minimum GPA of 3.0 from a college or university accredited by an accrediting association recognized by the United States Department ofEducation. If the degree has been completed in another country, documentation must be provided that the institution offers degree programs equivalent to those approved by the U.S. Department of Education.  
    • English is the language of instruction at UPR. Students who are not first-language English proficient must provide verification English proficiency in the form of a TOEFL test with a minimum score of 530 (see “Out of Country Students” below). For a list of TOEFL testing centers click here.
    • Must provide assurance of access to E-mail, Internet and a personal computer (web-based e-mail and access through public computers is acceptable).
    • Must provide assurance of access to college-level library resources or electronic equivalent for the period required for completion of the degree program.
    • Must provide assurance of serious interest in the graduate program of choice and in the ability to meet the academic demands of scholarship required for this program
    • Any exception to this stated policy is made only by the Chief Academic Officer with documentation of degree equivalency maintained with the student’s file.


Every applicant must provide the following materials:

    • A current photograph and a copy of current photo identification, such as: US
    • driver’s license, or photo page of passport.
    • Current resume, or curriculum vitae (c.v.).
    • Completed Application for Enrollment form, with chosen degree and start date marked. (Forms are available upon request or can be downloaded from
    • Official transcripts from their undergraduate degree issuing institution, either sent directly by the institution, or sealed transcripts enclosed with application. (Photocopies, faxes, or other facsimiles will not be accepted)
    • Transcripts must include at least 9 undergraduate credits in any of the following fields: Philosophy, Psychology, Mythology, Religion, Culture Studies, Cosmology of Science. If transcripts do not include said credits, include evidence of equivalent learning.
    • Two letters of recommendation to be sent directly by the recommenders. (Forms are available upon request)
    • Sample of scholarly written work of 2500-5000 words, by the applicant, enclosed with application. (This piece of writing should relate to the student’s scholarly interest in any of the related fields of philosophy, psychology, culture studies, or cosmology of science, demonstrating undergraduate preparation to conduct and write academic research.)
    • Autobiographical essay enclosed with application.
    • Statement of educational and professional goals for personal development enclosed with application.
    • Current resume, or curriculum vitae, with a current photograph enclosed with application.
    • Application Fee of $75. (Check or Money order in US currency, payable to: University of Philosophical Research)
    • International students, where English is not a first language: minimum TOEFL score of 530 must be submitted (

All accompanying documents should be typed, double spaced and mailed with a signed Application for Enrollment (applicants may submit appropriately formatted documents via e-mail only with advanced permission from the Registrar). If you have questions regarding Admissions requirements or policies, contact the Registrar at (or by phone at 323.663.2167).


Completion of UPR graduate programs requires the ability to read and view images and videos, listen to audio materials, type responses on the computer and think clearly and logically. Students with physical disabilities of sight, hearing, typing and/or brain functioning, beyond what can be functionally offset by reasonable disability accommodations, may find these standing in the way of  successful course and program completion.

If you have questions regarding Admissions requirements or policies, e-mail or call the registrar at 323-663-2167 or 800-546-4062, extension 117.