The curriculum courses as listed in the Academic Catalog and Online Course Catalog (except for MCS/MTP 701 Thesis Course), can be audited if the student is eligible or the course materials can be purchased for independent study.

UPR courses are available for Independent Study, where students can purchase or download course materials to learn at their leisure. For both undergraduate and graduate courses, these materials can be purchased typically for $199 per course plus shipping and insurance.

Courses can be taken for audit only if the student is eligible and with the permission of the instructor. To assess eligibility, the student must fill out the audit application. Auditing students will be provided with the access to the selected course’s online classroom, which includes video and audio lectures, course guides and a weekly study plan.They will not be graded for midterm or final assignments but will be able to complete weekly quizzes for self learning. If they complete all such quizzes, they will receive a UPR certificate of completion at the end of the course. Audit students will not receive academic credit for the course, and will not be able to participate in forum discussions or teleconferences,or have other forms of direct access to the instrunctor unless explicitly allowed by the instructor. If eligible, BA courses for audit can be taken for $250 per course and MA courses for audit can be taken for $299.

To be considered for enrollment as an Audit-based student, please review and fill out the following application. Applications can be sent to The University of Philosophical Research, 3910 Los Feliz Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90027, faxed to 323.663.9443 or e-mailed to our Registrar at:


Application for Course Audit