Symbolic Art Gallery



A Symbolic Diagram of the Operations of Nature from Fludd's Cellectio Operum

This image gallery features part of the extensive collection of paintings and drawings held by the University of Philosophical Research.

Manly P. Hall was an avid collector of art, books and manuscripts from different cultures, mainly with a metaphysical, occult or mystical emphasis. In 1928, he published his famous compendium of western esoteric knowledge, The Secret Teachings of All Ages. This was illustrated with fifty four full-color plates by J. Augustus Knapp (1853-1938) and 200 black and white illustrations from rare occult works and manuscripts in his collection. The originals for these reproductions form part of the university archives, along with esoteric paintings by Armenian-American artist, Mihran K. Serailian (1866-1957) and Buddhist, Hindu, Taoist, Shinto, Islamic, native American and esoteric Christian paintings from medieval manuscripts of India, China, Japan, Korea, Mongolia, Egypt, Europe, the Americas and the oasis towns of Central Asia.