Add/Drop Courses

Withdrawing & Dropping A Course

Students have the right to withdraw from a course of instruction at any time. If the student withdraws after midnight of the eighth business day after the first day they received their first lesson, the University will calculate the amount the student owes from the time of attendance according to the following formula:

The amount owed shall be determined on a pro-rata basis depending on how many clock or credit hours have been attended versus how many clock or credit hours have been paid for. UPR will keep a portion of the cancellation fee (not to exceed $100). If the amount paid is more than the amount owed for the time attended, a refund will be made within 30 days. If the amount owed is more than the amount already paid, the student will have to make arrangements for payment.

Leave of Absence

Being a student at UPR is a process of accumulated learning and requires continuous attention. For this reason, it is necessary for students to maintain continuity and regularity in course enrollment and completion from quarter to quarter through the period of the program. However, UPR also recognizes the fact that students may go through extenuating circumstances, such as financial or health or work responsibility issues that make it very difficult to attend school at certain times. In such eventualities, the student may apply for a Leave of Absence using the appropriate Leave of Absence Form (available upon request from the Registrar).

Students must attend at least 3 quarters per calendar year to be considered as an enrolled student. The Leave of Absence applies for one quarter only and must be approved by the university President. The Leave of Absence will not automatically be renewed at the end of a quarter, a student will need to reapply for an absence each quarter. A student may not take more than four quarters on Leave of Absence throughout the duration of his or her enrollment in the program. Absence through a quarter without formal application and permission, or exceeding four quarters, will result in the student’s being dis-enrolled. Written notice is required if a student chooses to discontinue the course or program.

A lapse of one month in any of the activities identified above will prompt contact by the University to determine if the student requires assistance or has decided to discontinue the program. If the student requires assistance, it will be provided. If the student has decided to discontinue the program, this will be duly noted in the student’s file and the student will be “dis-enrolled” and receive a pro-rated refund of fees, if applicable, in concert with the established enrollment agreement.

To download UPR’s Course Withdrawal form, please click here.