Undergraduate Courses

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Coursework for UPR’s undergraduate program is conducted according to a quarter system with four ten-week quarters in the academic year. All courses offered are in the areas of Philosophy (PHI), Psychology (PSY), Culture (CUL), Religion (REL) and 3 credits each, unless otherwise specified.
Bachelor’s degree completion is premised on 90 quarter credits (60 semester credits) of coursework after admission with the completion of an Associate’s certificate or its equivalent of 60 semester credits prior to enrollment. Completion of the Bachelor of Arts Degree requires a total of 180 quarter credits (120 semester credits).


Please be advised that the university is presently working on the formation of additional courses to be offered to our undergraduate students. 


1st QUARTER – SPRING: April 27, 2015 -to- July 5, 2015

2nd QUARTER – SUMMER: July 24, 2017 -to- October 1, 2017

3rd QUARTER – FALL: October 29, 2017 -to- January 7, 2017

4th QUARTER – WINTER: January 29, 2017 -to- April 8, 2017

For more information please refer to
the most recent Academic Catalog.