The Human and The Divine: A Comparative Anthropology (REL 303)

The Human and The Divine: A Comparative Anthropology (REL 303)

Course Description

Religions all over the world are concerned with issues of humanity, divinity and the ways that the two communicate with each other. An exploration of humanity leads to questions such as: What is life, what is death and is there more to life than death? Divinity explores who and what are divine, as well as questions the divinity of humans. And finally communication and interaction between humans, both in groups and as individuals, with the divine will be examined.


Course Sessions and Topics

This course is divided into ten, one-hour lectures.

Week 1 –  Introduction to the Course

Week 2 - What is Life

Week 3 - What is Death

Week 4 - Is There More to Life Than Death

Week 5 - Who is Divine

Week 6 - What is Divine

Week 7 - Are Humans Divine

Week 8 - Communication and Interaction Between Humans & The Divine pt.1

Week 9 - Communication and Interaction Between Humans & The Divine pt.2

Week 10 - Conclusions

Learning Outcomes for this Course

This course will focus on selected world religion sacred texts that require dissecting and in-depth analysis in order to support the student’s position paper using the framework of this course. The course aims for the student to view the sacred texts from the perspective of the religion without judgment.

  1. Students must be able to dissect, discuss and analyze how the assigned world religions perceive humanity, divinity and the ways the two communicate based on their sacred texts.
  2. Students must be able to write an in-depth comparison position paper utilizing quotes and material from the assigned world religion sacred writings to explore the assigned topics.
  3. Students must utilize the three sections outlined in this course and the papers assigned into one final paper, taking time throughout the course to improve each section and blend them seamlessly together.

Your Teacher

Athena Kolinski, M.A. |  M.A., Consciousness Studies, University of Philosophical Research M.A. Interdisciplinary Studies, California State University Northridge B.A., Religious Studies, California State University Northridge