Undergraduate Admissions


Open Enrollment

The University of Philosophical Research has an “open enrollment” policy: students may enter the program at the beginning of any calendar Term. Their schedule of courses will begin with the first Quarter they enter the program and continue from there.

Academic Catalog

pdf-symbolDownload Undergraduate Catalog

To request a printed Academic Catalog, you may:

Call:  1-800-548-4062
E-mail: inquiries@uprs.edu

Acceptance and Enrollment

Prospective students must have completed an Associate of Arts degree or its equivalent of 90 quarter credits or 60 semester credits of lower division undergraduate study with a minimum GPA of 2.0. Click here to read more about this requirement.

Prospective students must have provided an application fee of $75 at the time of application. Initial notifications of acceptance for the academic year will be mailed to applicants prior to the start of their first quarter of the degree program. Those who are unable to attend the academic year they have initially applied for must submit a new application should they wish to be considered for acceptance at a later date.