A Hermetic and Mystical Approach to The Revised New Art Tarot: The Many Shades of Light

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The Revised New Art Tarot


J. Augustus Knapp – Manly P. Hall

A Hermetic and Mystical Approach to Tarot:

The Many Shades of Light


Saturday, May 10, 2014

10:00 am to 3:00 pm

(Lunch break: 12:00pm)

Yolanda M RobinsonDr. Yolanda M. Robinson, editor of the new Revised New Art Tarot, will discuss the basic Hermetic traditions that gave form and content to the iconic 1929 Knapp – Hall deck, while offering the participants suggestions for creating their own personal mandalas for interpretation of the cards in divination. We will be using the Minor Arcana to connect to the magical power of numbers and their assignment on the Tree of Life, and will learn to understand the archetypal energies and principles of creation represented by the Major Arcana.


This will be an experiential, hands-on class that will allow participants to quickly learn the basic tools to use Tarot in the historical and mystical traditions of Alchemy and Cabala.  Basic background material will be made available to all participants.


Required deck: Revised New Art Tarot, PRS 2014.Available for purchase at the Bookstore and PRS Website (click the following link to purchase your Revised New Art Tarot)

Only 25 tickets available for the May 10th Workshop!

Audio recordings of both Tarot Workshops (April 19th & May 10th)  will be available for purchase.  

Please e-mail michelle@uprs.edu for more information.

Please Check-in Inside the Bookstore for this Event!  

3910 Los Feliz Boulevard, Los Angeles 90027

Tickets to this event: $30/per person