Memories, Dreams, Reflections: An Introduction to Jung by Stephen Julich


Memories, Dreams, Reflections: An Introduction to the Life and Work of C. G. Jung

Saturday, April 5th & Sunday April 6th

Ticket sales have ended for this event. If you are still interested in attending, please check-in and purchase your ticket at the UPR/PRS Bookstore which will be open at 9:30am both workshop days.  Thank you!

Memories, Dreams, Reflections is an extraordinary document. Part biography (compiled and written by Aniela Jaffé), part autobiography (penned by Jung himself), it obscures as much as it reveals about the historical details of the great psychologist’s life. Its purpose, however, wasn’t to give an exhaustive account of Jung’s daily activities, but to provide a glimpse into the mythopoeic underpinnings of existence through the example of Jung’s personal process of individuation: the evolution of the individual towards psychological wholeness. In this 2-day intensive, we will look at Memories, Dreams, Reflections through the lens of myth, symbol, and archetype, to analyze the way in which Jung grappled with the great questions: “Who am I; what is my purpose; by what myth do I live?” In this way, we can view the text as a mirror in which each of us can experience our own original face, and our individual lives as living symbols of the psychic matrix into which we are all inextricably woven.

Stephen Lerner Julich received his Ph.D. from the California Institute of Integral Studies in 2013, where he studied Jungian and Integral psychology. His dissertation, Death and Transformation in the Integral Yoga of Mirra Alfassa (1878-1973) of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram: A Jungian Hermeneutic, looks at the archetypal symbolism inherent in the visions of the Mother, using the Jungian technique of amplification. Dr. Julich has lectured on the symbolism of the Divine Feminine from a cross-cultural and transdisciplinary perspective, and is currently working on a Jungian amplification of the Indian epic, The Mahabharata.

Objectives for the course:

  • To introduce Jung through his biography, and the evolution of his major theories
  • To discuss Jung’s method of amplification and interpretation of symbolic material
  • To look at Jung’s theories as component parts of a method for understanding our lives as an expression of larger, psychic forces
  • To redress some of the common misinterpretations and misrepresentations of Jung and his work in the light of current research


When: Saturday, April 5th & Sunday April 6th


Each day will cover five one-hour lectures, with approximately 15 minutes of discussion between each lecture, for a comprehensive two-day workshop on the life and work of Carl Jung.  Participants may attend either a single day or both days of the event.  The schedule for each day will be the same:

9:30 am:  Check-in begins in the Bookstore

10:00 am:  The first lecture begins

12:00 pm – 1:00 pm:  Lunch break (bring a lunch, or visit the wide selection of restaurants and cafes in the area)

1:15 pm:  Workshop continues

5:30 pm:  End of the day

Where: At The University of Philosophical Research (room to be announced)

Tuition: $25 per day

for any additional questions, please contact the university at 323.663.2167 ext.112 or