New Beginnings: A Fresh View of Transformation

New Beginnings:
A Fresh View of
Tuesday, July 18th, 7-8:30pm
Open to the public; Suggested $10 donation
The time-honored principles of the Vedantic tradition provide a concise and effective framework for understanding the changing complexities encountered in our contemporary world. As with the German Idealists, Vedism is about opening the particulars and seeming contradictions of life out into a common spiritual source.
We needn’t go out of creation to find its creator.
Transcendence is unfolding from within.


Swami Brahmavidyananda is a monk in the Ramakrishna Order. He resides at the Hollywood Temple of the Vedanta Society of Southern California and lectures regularly on Vedantic spirituality in Hollywood, Santa Barbara, Orange County and San Diego Vedanta Societies. He has given classes on the Panchadasi, an in-depth Vedic text on non-dualism, as well as on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, a text on the inner laws and dynamics of meditation. He has been active in interfaith dialogue with the Unity and Diversity World Council (UDC) for many years, and speaks at colleges and universities. His passion has been to make the Vedanta philosophy clear and understandable to western audiences.