UPR’s Graduate Summer Quarter Begins July 28th



As the current Spring quarter winds down, UPR has begun preparing for its Summer classes.  Focusing on the investigation and development of insight into a body of  historically and culturally diverse philosophies, systems and practices, UPR’s Summer courses are the perfect opportunity for students to better understand their positioning in today’s often misleading world.

The enrollment deadline for the Summer quarter is mid-July and UPR hopes to include all new and returning students interested in taking some of our Summer courses in time for the beginning of the quarter (July 28th, 2014).




Here are the course offerings for UPR’s upcoming Summer Quarter:


Understanding The Bible - REL 511

The Wisdom of Islam – REL 512

Buddhism in the Modern World – REL 523


Spiritual Psychology – PSY 521

Buddhist Psychology and Methods of Healing– PSY 523

The Yoga of Integral Transformation – PSY 524