Embodying Integral Consciousness: The International Jean Gebser Society Forty-Third Annual Conference

Jean Gebser

When: October 4 – October 6, 2013

Where: The University of Philosophical Research
3910 Los Feliz Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90027
(323) 663-2167 ext.112

To Attend the Conference and to Receive an Itinerary: You must RSVP to this event to attend. As the conference approaches, the University of Philosophical Research will provide for all those who RSVP an itinerary of the conference. To RSVP to this event please e-mail michelle@uprs.edu.

Any questions concerning RSVP and attendance for the event should also be directed to michelle@uprs.edu. This conference is free and open to the public.

The University of Philosophical Research is pleased to host the International Jean Gebser Society 43rd Annual Conference. There will be 22 presentations in this year’s conference, which will revolve around the central theme, “Embodying Integral Consciousness”.

Taking a leaf not just from Gebser’s written work but also from his living example, it is the purpose of this conference to explore ways of embodying integrality as a fundamental attitude or bearing (Haltung). To do this it is imperative to avoid the tendency to confuse meta-discourse about integral consciousness with the practical task of actualizing it. Instead, this conference will focus on concrete methods of integral thinking, acting and living. For to embody integrality means to be truly open: to navigate the world not only acategorically—free from restricting mental classifications—but also arationally—free from both irrational faith and rational certitude. In effect, this conference asks: how can we transform the sphere of daily life by being in the world in an authentically integral way?

The threats of disintegration that denature and deculture our world day by day are negative indicators of the integral. As Gebser astutely observes, we must use the tension to liberate ourselves from the extremes that create this very tension. There is thus an “alchemy” of integral consciousness by which we can engage and transmute the deficient manifestations into liberating ones. To do this we must become ‘coparticipants’ in the consolidation of integral consciousness. ‘Only by realizing the new mutation as an integral bearing or attitude’ comments Gebser, ‘can humanity preserve itself from a complete loss of what is human’ (Ever-Present Origin, 306). In this sense, the theme is as much a challenge as a topic. It demands that we engage and transform ourselves, our work, and our world.

In sum, we must come to terms with the following four questions:

* How do we embody integral consciousness?
* How can whatever it is that we do in the world be rendered more integral by bringing openness, subtlety, intensity and fearlessness to our fundamental comportment?
* How can the embodiment of integral consciousness act as a catalyst to concretely transform the cultures and civilizations in which we are embroiled?
* How can we engage the deeply deficient structures of consciousness so prolific in our contemporary societies in order to transmute them into a more open, transparent, and integral world?

This year’s conference will utilize its discerning and insightful group of presenters and attendees to more fully understand the embodiment of integrality in its many forms and creative pursuits. This year’s conference will welcome its guests and presenters to a video screening and include visual art practices as a part of its discourse, expanding upon the reality that to embody integral consciousness is not a singular notion nor a simple feat.

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