Christian Mysticism: A Talk by Obadiah Harris


Our Christmas talk for this year reflects the history of the Christian Mysticism and its manifestation through a variety of outstanding seers throughout the ages. Traditionally they have been prosecuted and misunderstood. It is only after their lifetime are they genuinely appreciated. This would be a good time to reveal their lives and their teachings as well as other mystics, and to see if we can emulate their life and come to a deeper understanding of their teaching.

Obadiah Harris is the founder and president of the University of Philosophical Research. Harris has a long and storied career in both mainstream academia and the American metaphysical culture.  He holds a Ph.D. in education administration and supervision from the University of Michigan and an MA in education from Arizona State University, where he was an associate professor of education and director of community education. 

He is the author of multiple books, including his most recent title, The Simple Road: A Handbook for the Contemporary Seeker published this year by Tarcher/Penguin.