A Letter From the Dean




From the President:

I would like to welcome and introduce you to a new professor and administrator at our university.  He is Dr. Greg Salyer who will also serve as Dean of Students. He comes to us with a Ph.D. in Literature and Religious Studies from Emory University. His experience includes many years working in higher education administration – most recently Dr. Salyer developed an undergraduate program at Boston University. He is totally at home at UPR where integral philosophy and wisdom literature are emphasized with all programs. He is comfortable with online coursework as he has a decade of teaching experience using this format.

We are delighted to have Dr. Salyer with us. You will enjoy him too.

Obadiah Harris, Ph.D.


University of Philosophical Research


Greg_SalyerDear Students, Friends, and Faculty at the University of Philosophical Research,

I tend to interpret my life in terms of literature, especially mythology. When I think of my professional journeys, I always think of Odysseus, Homer’s reluctant hero who travels far and experiences much. It’s been a fascinating journey with not a few gods and monsters along the way. I’m pleased to add the University of Philosophical Research to this trek, where it feels as if I have come home.

My journey has included numerous teaching and administrative positions from small liberal arts colleges to major research universities. I have written and presented on a variety of topics in literature, philosophy, and religion. My first online course was in 2000, and I have taught online in one form or another since then. It is a fascinating time in higher education, and I look forward to being a part of UPR and its contributions to new and vital ways of learning wisdom.

And I look forward to learning from and with you. Already, I have seen that the UPRS community is unique. Competencies and credentialing are important, and we certainly celebrate both. More important than those, however, is wisdom, which is your goal (and mine). Wisdom is the story behind every story, the presence behind every argument, and the alpha and omega of life itself. I congratulate you on choosing to seek wisdom and to do so along this unique and communal path that is the University of Philosophical Research. It is my great pleasure to join you.


Greg Salyer, Ph.D.

Dean of Students

The University of Philosophical Research