Spring Quarter Invitation

With only two weeks left in our Winter quarter and with the Los Angeles cityscape bursting into bloom, UPR has begun to gear up for Spring. If you have been thinking of enrolling for any of our programs or taking single courses for the Bachelor’s completion, now is the time to apply. Application details may be found at the following link.
If you’re interested in taking a single course at the B.A. level, check out our new enrollment options, including one free non-credit course offered each quarter, by clicking here. The official application deadline for the Spring quarter is April 13th, 2015, so don’t delay if you know one of our programs is right for you!

Here’s what we’re offering:

Clicking in any of these will take you to the course page with a sample video. Further detail on the courses and faculty can be found at: http://www.uprs.edu/graduate-academics/
B.A. Courses

PHI 241   Mind Matter and Space Time: The Reality Continuum

PHI 221 – Political Theory: a Multicultural Perspective

PSY 203 – Introduction to C.G. Jung*

CUL 208 – Creativity: The Integral Journey

REL 221 – The Shaman’s Medicine Wheel

*Offered this upcoming quarter on a non-credit basis for a limited time free of cost. 

More about these courses can be found here: 


Our Admissions Staff is in the office Monday-Friday 10am-4pm (Pacific) and happy to answer any questions you might have.