Student Voices: Deborah Braidic

A common joke about grad school is that, once you get your degree, it takes you just as many years in the real world to unlearn everything that they taught you.

I have a Master’s Degree already, so I have laughed my fair share of times after hearing this comment, but now that I am enrolled at UPR, there’s another part of me, a newer part that disagrees — because this program is different in a very palpable way.

Rather than forcing myself into mental constructs and gymnastics to fit my thinking into a particular field, in the Transformational Psychology Program at UPR I am stretching myself to be able to understand, intuit and develop new constructs on my own no matter my field or industry of expertise.

UPR doesn’t focus on a field — it is a school borne out of an age-old desire of humans to identify, collect and share wisdom … no matter the source. Of course there are other things that made it easy for me to sign up, like the fact that my program is a perfect blend of many of my interests (and I get a degree for this?), the fact that it is online makes it incredibly convenient, the textbooks are awesome (I was giddy after getting my first reading list), the profs are extremely knowledgeable and I just keep learning the most amazing things and growing as an individual, which is the goal, right?

Long story short, UPR has taken what used to be a very funny joke and made it, well, not applicable anymore. And to think I’m only on my sixth course. I can’t wait to see what I think of my master’s program, and more importantly, myself, when I get to the 12th or the 18th.

Below are the courses that I’ve been privileged to take so far. I wish you the best of luck with yours.

  • Attention Mechanics
  • Buddhist Psychology and Healing Methods
  • Inner and Outer Creativity
  • Intuition in Business
  • Mythic Story and Depth Psychology
  • Spiritual Psychology