Thank You and Goodbye from President Emeritus Obadiah Harris

obadiahharrisTo our UPR/PRS Board members, faculty, students, staff and friends, its time for me to extend a fond farewell.

I came to PRS in 1992 at a turbulent time of transition. Manly P. Hall had passed away, and the board was seeking new leadership. I accepted the position of President and started working on the next phase of evolution for PRS, which included the development of the University of Philosophical Research —an accredited, non-profit, online wisdom school.

Now it is time for me to transition into the next phase of my life. Most recently I have lost my dear wife and life partner, Jeanne, who worked tirelessly with me over the years at PRS/UPR. Without her and a supportive board, faculty, and staff, the accomplishments over the past 25 years would not have been possible.

As I move into retirement, I give much thanks to the PRS/UPR Board of Directors: Walter Hansell, James Callahan, Don De Francisco, William Garlington and John Pillsbury. I also give thanks to our gifted faculty for providing the quality of coursework that supports our wisdom school to students all over the world.

I also must acknowledge the PRS/UPR administrative staff who demonstrate their devotion to the mission of this institution everyday and without whom we could not deliver our courses, our books, and all the many activities and events that are accomplished daily here online and on campus. Much appreciation and love I extend to Roger Rodriguez, Aster Tsegay, John Chase, Frank Sabia, Kelly Carmena, Sharon Lineker, Matthew Taylor, Greg and Cathy Willis.

I am confident that under the new leadership of Dr. Greg Salyer, PRS/UPR will continue to grow and flourish. He shares the vision and mission of this institution and has the skills and experience to move forward with our goals which include expanding our programs.

I look forward to the publication by Tarcher Penguin of my new book The Aim of Life to be available this fall. And I hope to hear from many of you by phone and/or email. I can be reached by email at

With thanks and gratitude,