Mayan Calendar & The Hindu Yugas

Listen to Debashish Banerji, faculty at UPR, provide his insights on 2012, the end of the Mayan Calendar, the Hindu Yugas, and related topics. This interview originally aired on a radio show called “Return of The Veda” with host, George Quant.



More Radio Interviews with George Quant & Debashish Banerji:

The non-dual knowledge that initiates time returns in new names and forms through the Ages
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    The self-presentation of Being and the representation of Being as Soul and Nature in their various ramifications
  • 6/16/09: The Illuminating Mind-Tree of the Veda
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  • 6/30/09: Time and the Cycles
    The meaning of Time, the relationship of eternity to time, the cyclic or spiral nature of Time in the Vedas and whether we are returning to a new Golden Age as promised by many of the world’s ancient wisdom traditions.