Dr. Jay Kumar on Neuroscience

We recently hosted Dr. Jay Kumar for a 2-hour workshop exploring human consciousness and the mysteries of the brain from the various disciplines of neuroscience, psychology, and spiritual thought. Each of those perspectives provides a key understanding regarding the nature of human cognition and notions of reality. Recent discoveries in neuroscience continue to unravel the mysteries of human consciousness, while possibly also reconciling the traditional rift between science and spirituality. This engaging and multimedia workshop advances a new understanding of human consciousness, of our place in the universe, and of our connection to the divine. And the audio recording is now available for your listening pleasure.

LISTEN HERE:   Part 1 | Part 2

Dr. Jay Kumar holds a Ph.D. in philosophy, religion, and cognitive studies and an M.A. in international affairs from Columbia University. He has also conducted advanced graduate work in Sanskrit and linguistics at both UCLA and Georgetown. His areas of research encompass Yoga philosophy, comparative religion, mind-body medicine, and the neuroscience of consciousness. Jay is also a certified Yoga and meditation instructor, motivational speaker, writer, and host of the weekly national radio show “AWAKE with Dr. Jay Kumar!” He recently co-founded the Holospheria Project, a global multi-media organization dedicated to helping people and the planet awaken to the emerging paradigm of empowered wholeness.To learn more please visit www.drjaykumar.com or visit his Facebook page @ Dr. Jay Kumar.