Virtual Classroom


Students may use the graduate online e-campus: or the undergraduate e-campus at built with the learning software Moodle ( Students may enter the site with their unique User Id and Password from the main login page.

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Navigating UPR’s e-Campus

On the Campus front-page you will find a list of the courses the student is currently enrolled in for a particular Term. Clicking on the title of the course will take you to the web-based version of the individual course guide. There is a Discussion Forum for each course (for dialogue with other students about the course material), and weekly breakdowns of all assignments (reading, written papers and course learning outcomes). Clicking on Participants link in each course will allow the student to view their classmates.



The “Virtual Classroom Guide” contains detailed instructions, with illustrations, for using the e-campus. Students can also contact the Technical Resources Manager at


Streaming Audio

Students may listen to streaming audio files of each lecture, or download the mp3s to their computer, ipod, or similar portable media device. An Events Calendar will keep track of all upcoming assignments and highlight days when something requires attention.


Written assignments will be uploaded into the appropriate assignment block, and students will be able to view posted grades.

Technology Requirements

UPR’s degree programs are designed for online delivery and interaction. Hence, at a minimum, students and faculty members need to have regular access to reading, writing, uploading and downloading capabilities on computers or other devices which connect to the world wide web. By regular access is meant at least 3-4 hours per week. UPR courses all contain audio and video lectures which can be seen and heard both online and on offline audio and video players. Hence, for students wishing to take full advantage of the non-local reach of the courses, audio and video players, stationary and/or portable, are recommended. UPR courses also contain a mandatory teleconference component, hence, students must have access to telephone lines. Moreover, some of the courses use web-based teleconferencing and videoconferencing systems, hence access to Skype and a webcam are strongly advised.